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Front matter (includes handwritten introduction) Index Newspapers, 4 January 1768 to 25 December 1769
January to June 1768 July to December 1768
January to June 1769 July to December 1769
Appendix Pamphlets Letters to the Ministry from Governor Bernard, General Gage, and Commodore Hood A Letter to the Right Honourable the Earl of Hillsborough, on the Present Situation of Affairs in America An Appeal to the World or a Vindication of the Town of Boston

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Boston Chronicle Boston Evening-Post and supplements Boston Gazette, and Country Journal and supplements Boston Post-Boy & Advertiser Boston Weekly News-Letter Continental Journal and Weekly Advertiser Essex Gazette Massachusetts Gazette and supplements Massachusetts Gazette and Boston News-Letter Massachusetts Gazette and Boston Weekly News-Letter Massachusetts Gazette and Boston Post-Boy and Advertiser New-England Chronicle New-England Chronicle or, the Essex Gazette