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Volume 1: Newspapers, 7 January 1765 to 26 December 1767: Page 480[about this page]

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The Boston-Gazette, and Country Journal, 25 August 1766

Newspaper contains a description regarding the apprehension of people living in the "Western Parts of the Province" where Gage's Army/King's Troops were looting and burning; Rules, Orders and Regulations to be observed on the coast of Labrador, Streights Belleisle and in the islands of Anticosta and the Magdelines; proclamation of Governor Francis Bernard concerning prohibited goods; Excerpts of letter from London regarding William Pitt; report from Charlestown, SC about the strong hemp harvest but weak wheat harvest in the south; account from Portsmouth of runaway slaves attacking the man who attempted to return them to their owners; flag mast on the Common in New York raised to commemorate the repeal of the Stamp Act, cut down by soldiers of the 28th Regiment; account of the eclipse of the sun on August 5, 1766; advertisements for runaway indentured servants.

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  • Palliser, Hugh
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