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Volume 1: Newspapers, 7 January 1765 to 26 December 1767: Page 766[about this page]

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The Boston-Gazette, and Country Journal, 30 November 1767

Newspaper includes letter from the Boston Selectmen encouraging merchants to sign subscription supporting non-importation; includes letter from James Otis correcting misquotes attributed to him. Also includes a description of a waterhouse rat which Dorr's annotations imply was a reference to Samuel Waterhouse. Includes address of Gov. Henry Moore to New York Council and General Assembly. Includes article from Providence, RI about the receipt of Boston's recommendations regarding non-importation. Includes favorable descriptions of a child of a merchant and a clergyman dressed in clothes of locally-made fabric.

Pages Annotated:
  • Page 766
  • Page 767
  • Page 768

About Page 766:

  • Jackson, Joseph
  • Sewall, Samuel
  • Ruddock, John
  • Hancock, John
  • Phillips, WIlliam
  • Newell, Timothy
  • Rowe, John
  • Otis, James
  • non-importation

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Sequence Number 771 of 796; Volume 1 of 4.

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