MHR Volume 11 Available

By Jeremy Dibbell

The 2009 volume of the Massachusetts Historical Review is now available. You can order a copy here.

The volume’s contents:

– Jason M. Colby, Race, Empire, and New England Capital in the Caribbean, 1890-1930
– J. Patrick Mullins, “A Kind of War, Tho’ Hitherto an Un-Bloody One”: Jonathan Mayhew, Francis Bernard, and the Indian Affair
– Neil Longley York, Rival Truths, Political Accommodation, and the Boston “Massacre”
– Stephen Kantrowitz, A Place for “Colored Patriots”: Crispus Attucks among the Abolitionists, 1842-1863
– Robert J. Robertson, Louisa Catherine Adams Kuhn: Florentine Adventures, 1859-1860

Notes & Documents
– M. X. Lesser, A Transcendentalist Conversion Narrative

Review Essay
– Elizabeth R. Varon, The Afterlife of Abolition