A lovely day for a cup of Tea!

By Rakashi Chand, Reader Services

“This is the most magnificent Movement of all. There is a Dignity, a Majesty, a Sublimity, in this last Effort of the Patriots, that I greatly admire. The People should never rise, without doing something to be remembered — something notable And striking. This Destruction of the Tea is so bold, so daring, so firm, intrepid and inflexible, and it must have so important Consequences, and so lasting, that I cant but consider it as an Epocha in History.” (John Adams diary entry for 17 December 1773)

On this day, 245 years ago, tea leaves washed up on the shore of Dorchester Neck. Some of those tea leaves were collected and put into a glass bottle for safe keeping. Why? Because inhabitants of Boston were very proud of what they had brewing in the harbor the night before! Read about the events leading up to the Boston Tea Party at the Coming of the American Revolution: The Boston Tea Party.

Along with the tea leaves collected at Dorchester Neck, the MHS has 4 relics related to the Boston Tea Party inlcuding tea caddies said to have been emptied at the Tea Party and the Edes Family Tea Party punch bowl. The MHS also holds the Boston Tea Party meeting minutes from 29-30 November 1773 and 14-16 December 1773.

For more information, visit the MHS library with or e-mail us at library@masshist.org.