Happy Halloween from the MHS

by Rakashi Chand, Senior Library Assistant

The MHS holds three manuscript diaries kept by Ruth Evelyn Beck in 1919, 1920 and 1921. They describe social activities with family and friends including parties, dances, movies, her job, church activities, the local news, and courtship. Along with the diaries there are loose printed items such as dance cards and letters. While using the collection in the MHS reading room today, a researcher happened upon these fun Halloween items.

Along with an invitation to a Halloween party in 1920 are a dance card and table placard from the party.

Halloween Ball placard
Ruth Beck’s 1920 Halloween party table placard
Clark College Halloween Party dance card
Ruth Beck’s dance card from the 1920 Halloween party

The Halloween party is noted in her diary entry for 22 October 1920.

Diary entry for 22 October 1920
Ruth Beck diary entry for 22 October 1920