New Year Wishes from the MHS Staff

Happy New Year from all of us at the MHS! Below is a selection of thoughts and wishes from members of the MHS staff.

“My wish is for peace to all beings and places in 2021.”
– Katie Finn, Executive Assistant to the President and Secretary to the Board

“My New Year Wish is that everyone can get vaccinated in 2021, and that this signals the end of the pandemic.”
– Katherine H. Griffin, Nora Saltonstall Preservation Librarian

“I wish that by next winter, at the end of a long workweek and after running holiday errands, I can meet up with my husband at our favorite dive bar, that will be full of people, and thus slightly smelly, cozy up to a few slightly stale beers at the “regulars” corner, catch up with bartenders and others, and listen to an unknown band play some covers with a singer whose voice will transport us out of our conversations and make us wonder at the capacity of human talent. Or, in other words, a widely administered vaccine and a return to equilibrium. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but, hey, it’s my wish.”
– Victoria McNay, Associate Director of Development

“I wish for all humans to find ways to be more empathetic than ever in the coming year and I wish for all U. S. citizens to honor and protect democracy in 2021.”
– Nancy Heywood, Senior Archivist for Digital Initiatives

“May we all be the people our loyal canine friends know we are capable of being.”
– Ondine LeBlanc, Worthington C. Ford Editor of Publications

“My Winter Solstice reflection is May we find Wisdom and Wonder in our Darkness”
– Laura Wulf, Photographic and Digital Imaging Specialist

“A Reading Room full of Researchers in 2021.”
– Dan Hinchen, Reference Librarian

“May 2021 bring all of us the opportunity to begin anew, to dream again and plan a bright future, but let the lessons of goodness, kindness and resilience learned in 2020 always guide us. It has been a long year, but one that has shown us moments of great courage, strength and optimism. Together we survived 2020, and together we will be to make a better world in 2021.”
– Rakashi Chand, Senior Library Assistant

“My wish is for an end to this pandemic and comfort for all who have lost loved ones this year.”
– Anne Bentley, Curator of Art & Artifacts