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References to Sally Hemings in Thomas Jefferson's Farm Book
References compiled by the Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Massachusetts.

This manuscript volume, Farm Book, forms part of the Coolidge Collection of Thomas Jefferson Manuscripts at the Massachusetts Historical Society. This volume, dating from 1774 to 1824, contains Thomas Jefferson's working records relating to his farm properties, including detailed information about farming activities and slaves. Jefferson's Farm Book includes lists of the names and locations of his slaves, also the cloth, bedding, and food (fish, bread, and beef) distributed to them. For additional information, refer to the summary description on the Farm Book main page.

In his Farm Book, Thomas Jefferson listed all the slaves he owned as of January 14, 1774. On page 13, Betty Hemings's name appears, followed by a list of her children, Nancy, Jemmy, Thenia, Critta, Peter, and Sally, and her grandson, Danie. According to this list, Sally Hemings was born in 1773 and was one of many slaves previously owned by John Wayles, whose daughter Martha had married Jefferson in 1772. After John Wayles's death, his slaves were allotted to Jefferson.

Jefferson seems to have owned three slaves named Sally. Since entries listing slaves in the Farm Book do not always include last names, it is sometimes hard to discern which Sally is Sally Hemings. When Sally Hemings's full name is listed, it is often followed by the names of her children, Harriet, Madison, and Eston.

page 13 Roll of slaves owned by John Wayles allotted to Thomas Jefferson, January 14, 1774 (begins on page 11)
page 18 Location of slaves in 1774 (begins on page 15)
page 24 Roll of slaves, 1783
page 30 Roll of slaves, November 1794
page 41 Distribution of clothes, Dec. 1794 [Note: "Sally" listed on page 41, two different slaves named "Sally" listed on page 42.]
page 51 Ration list for fish, 1796 [see also page 53, below]
page 52 Ration list for clothes, 1796, and bread, 1797
page 53 Ration list for fish [see also page 51, above]
page 55 Ration list for linen, wool, blankets, beds, and shoes, 1799
page 57 Ration list for linen, blankets, and shoes, 1800
page 60 List showing slaves leased and slaves retained, 1801
page 128 Roll of slaves, 1810
page 130 Roll of slaves by year of birth
page 134 Bread list, Feb. 1810
page 136 Distribution of linen, cotton, and blankets, Dec. 1810
page 137 Distribution of blankets, 1808
page 139 Distribution of linen, blankets, and beds, 1812
page 142 Distribution of blankets, 1811-1819
page 143 Distribution of sifters, 1810-1811
page 145 Distribution of shirting, woolen, and blankets, [1813]
page 147 Distribution of shirting, woolen, and blankets, [Dec. 1814]
page 148 Bread list, 1815
page 153 Distribution of woolen and shirting, 1816
page 154 Bread list, 1817
page 157 Distribution of woolen and shirting, [1817]
page 158 Slaves leased to Thomas Randolph and slaves retained
page 160 Distribution of woolen, shirting, and summer clothes, 1818-1819
page 163 Distribution of blankets, 1817-1818
page 167 Bread list, 1821
page 170 Distribution of woolen, shirting, and blankets, 1822

The following pages are part of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection, Princeton University:
page 171 Distribution of woolen and shirting [no date]
page 173 Distribution of woolen and shirting, 1823
page 174 Distribution of woolen and shirting, Dec. 1824

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