Public Program, The Irish Atlantic The Mission of the Jamestown 27 March 2017.Monday, 6:00PM - 7:00PM There will be a pre-talk reception at 5:30pm. William Fowler, Jr., Northeastern University; Christine Kinealy, Director of Irelandā€™s Great Hunger Institute, Quinnipiac University; Catherine Shannon, Professor Emerita of History, Westfield State University

The Irish Atlantic Series

As news of the Irish Famine made its way across the Atlantic, the citizens of Boston rallied to help. In 1847, a relief mission was organized and authorized by Congress, allowing the Secretary of the Navy to place two Naval ships—the Jamestown from Boston and the Macedonian from NYC—under civilian command to bring relief to Ireland. Capt. Robert Bennet Forbes, the head of Russell and Co, the largest American trading house in China, led the mission from Boston. He mobilized the city's citizens and merchants and amassed tons of food relief. William Fowler, guest curator for The Irish Atlantic, will lead a discussion with Catherine Shannon and Christine Kinealy on the relief efforts of the Jamestown on the eve of the 170th anniversary of its voyage.

Catherine Shannon - Professor Emerita of History, Westfield State University
Christine Kinealy - Director of Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute, Quinnipiac University
William Fowler, Jr. - Distinguished Professor of History, Northeastern University