Digital History Seminar Historical Datasets as Arguments: 21st Century Curations of 17th Century Records 4 February 2020.Tuesday, 5:15PM - 7:30PM Talya Housman, Digital Historian Image entitled /2012/juniper/assets/section37/Seminar_2019-2020/Talya_image.jpg

Using Dr. Housman’s experience of curating a relational database on cases of sexual crime and gendered violence in England between 1642 and 1660 as a point of entry, this talk looks at some implicit editorial arguments we make in our historical research. This talk will outline the process of data collection, designing, and building the database (including software selection and database design choices) and discuss some of the issues posed by historical data itself, including standardization of spelling and how to document uncertainty.

Content warning: this talk discusses sexual violence