Revolutionary-Era Art and Artifacts


Clothing and Personal Belongings

Epaulets worn by George Washington
Woven gilt lame, yellow silk, white silk made by an unidentified maker in France, circa 1780

Dimity pocket belonging to Abigail Adams
Dimity with cotton tapes by unknown maker; [Mass.?], late 18th-early 19th century

George Washington’s gorget
Copper, circa 1774

Cane belonging to Gen. John Brooks
Wood, ivory, and brass, [17--]

Scarf belonging to Capt. Park Holland


Pocket watch belonging to Col. Ebenezer Francis
Pocket watch in a case, silver and gold, by Reguillon et Bergier, circa 1750

Pocket watch belonging to Benjamin Lincoln
Gold, brass, enamel by James Hendon, 1772

Pocket watch belonging to Major General John Thomas
Silver by Walter Mitchelson, 1774-1775

Pocket watch belonging to Robert Treat Paine
Silver by Joseph Williamson, 1686-1725

Pocket watch belonging to Timothy Corey
Silver by B. Clowes, circa 1795

Jewelry and Hair

Locket containing George Washington's hair
Gold, glass, fabric, paper, hair

James Bowdoin silhouette mourning ring
Gold, ink on plaster, glass by unidentified goldsmith, circa 1805

Mercy Otis Warren brooch
fold, seed pearls, crystal, gold foil, hair, circa 1812

Locks of hair of Alexander Hamilton and George Washington

Adams ring given to Mercy Otis Warren
Gold, seed pearls, crystal, gold foil, hair, circa 1812


Tea leaves in glass bottle collected on the shore of Dorchester Neck the morning ...
Glass bottle containing tea

Edes family Tea Party punch bowl
Porcelain, made by an unidentified maker in China, circa 1760-1773

Teaspoons belonging to Relief Ellery
Silver by John Allen, [17--]

Candlestick from the Bonhomme Richard
Brass, circa 1779

Mortar and pestle belonging to John Thomas
Cast iron Anonymous maker, 18th c.

Oak rundlet (rum keg)
Oak circa 1776


Prescott and Linzee swords
Wooden plaque with crossed swords

Sword belonging to General John Thomas
Steel, silver, [17--]

Sword said to have belonged to Gen. Joseph Warren
Brass, silver, wood, [17--]

Sword belonging to Artemas Ward
Steel, ivory, silver, leather, [circa 1770]

Sword belonging to Col. John Brooks
Steel, copper, [17--]

Sword belonging to Gen. John Brooks
Cast brass and wood, [17--]

Sword belonging to Gen. Amasa Davis
Cast iron, [17--]

Sword belonging to Nathan Wheeler
Brass, steel, and wood, [17--]

Sword belonging to Zibeon Hooker
Brass, steel, and wood by John J. Runkel, 1796

Sword blade
Steel, [17--]


Pocket pistol belonging to John Paul Jones
circa 1776

Flintlock turn-off pistols belonging to Artemas Ward
Brass and wood by unidentified maker in Birmingham, England, 1750-1785

Pocket pistol belonging to Paul Revere
Brass and wood, [17--]

Flintlock pistol owned by General John Thomas
Brass, iron,silver, wood by Richard Wilson, gunsmith, and Joseph Allen, silversmith, after 1746

Powder Horns

Powder horn scribed by Samuel Selden
Ox horn, 1776

Powder horn
Ox horn, black stain, wood, [17--]

Powder horn belonging to Nathaniel Munroe
Cow or ox horn, black stain, wood, 1774

Powder horn belonging to Ephraim Moors
Ox or cow horn attributed to Jacob Gay, 1775

Powder horn
Cow horn, red stain, wood scribed by Benjamin Goodridge, 1775

War Related and Other

British side drum captured at the Battle of Bunker Hill
Wood, brass, and leather by unidentifed English maker, 18th century

Bucks of America flag
Paint on silk , circa 1785-1786

Bucks of America medallion
Silver planchet, 18th century

Boston Massacre bullets
Lead, circa 1770

Lexington cannonball
Lead, circa 1775

Cannonball found after the Battle of Lexington
Lead, circa 1775

Hessian flag pendant
Gold, glass, silk, [circa 1782?]

Mementos and Relics

Tea leaves in glass bottle collected on the shore of Dorchester Neck the morning ...
Glass bottle containing tea

Fragments taken from the roots of the Liberty Tree